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project greenlight ALL ABOUT US

Peck Slip Studios is a leading digital agency focused on merging the needs of our clients with those essential elegant elements that make video and film production "sing".

Our studio, with facilities in New York City and Denver, pulls some of the best emerging and established names in the production world to converge on your project.

When you work with our team we ensure that our creations are on budget, on time and profitable for all involved.

project yellowlightALL SYSTEMS GO

"Green Lighting" your project only happens when we have uncovered the details, ironed out the facts and structured a production that makes us together stop and go "WOW".

Contact us today and one of our consultants will craft a compelling story and visual message that fits your audience. CONNECT

project redlightDIGITAL VS FILM

The high definition world is our world.

We have come from stock to gigs in a short span, one which enables us to know if your production - a series of 30 second webspots or a featured motion picture - will benefit best from going the traditional route or from the latest and greatest paths available to us for you.

Our standard production High Definition video services along with other digital agency needs are just one click away. LET'S PRODUCE

project bluelightDISTRIBUTION

At Peck Slip we have a few films and quite a bit more of successfully distributed videos under our belt. When you speak with our "indie" producers make sure to ask about their latest productions - it might just have involved some rising and known stars of note.